About the Company


  • To plan and execute Skill Development Programmes to prepare youth for self employment and for various jobs available in Industrial & Service Sectors.
  • To develop competency based curricula, and to train and certify school dropouts, labour working in unorganized sector, service sector and unskilled workers engaged in various industries.

  • To prepare need based training programme of different levels as per the requirement of various groups’ industrial sectors, which are recognition at national & international level and also to recognize such programmes for further education.

  • To develop a flexible delivery mechanism to impart training in part time, weekends, full time, onsite/offsite mode.

  • To execute and monitor National Skill Development Policy at all India level.

  • To frame policy & programmes to link non-formal vocational training with the formal education system and to develop system of recognizing prior acquired learning.

  • To provide access to vocational education & training with inclusive growth for all the groups of the society.

  • To provide training of trainers, to promote innovation in training & also to render consultancy services.

  • To develop continuing education programmes for the personnel in the organized and unorganized sectors.

  • To establish network with other similar organization for exchange of expertise, information / documents and publications.