Business Excellence

Business excellence is the systematic use of quality management principles and tools in business management, with the goal of improving performance based on the principles of customer focus, stakeholder value, and process management. Key practices in business excellence applied across functional areas in an enterprise include continuous and breakthrough improvement, preventative management and management by facts. Some of the tools used are the balanced scorecard, Lean, the Six Sigma statistical tools, process management, the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and project management. In this era of the knowledge economy and flux in technological innovations, the recipe for organizational success lies in the ability to continually improve business process and achieve business excellence.  We at Sylph practicing an integrated management framework that considers an organization's entire system, including it’s

1. leadership

2. strategic planning

3. customer focus

4. measurement, analysis, and knowledge management

5. workforce focus

6. operations focus

7. results

Core Values For Business Excellence

  • Customer Focus
  • Respect and Care for Individuals
  • Meeting Commitments
  • Integrity
  • Continuous Improvement