Corporate Training

We at Sylph Education believe in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development solutions that have a direct & measurable impact on client’s key performance indicators. Any Solution provided becomes obsolete if doesn’t impact your primary objective – your business out comes, bottom line, KPIs to mention a few. Whether it’s maximizing productivity at a retail outlet; improving CSAT scores for a leading telecom client; improving Airport Service Quality scores for a leading international Airport; or sourcing & providing pre-hire training for a global retail giant– all our interventions have one common DNA – i.e. impacting business outcomes. According to the “Foresight 2020” study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Asia’s overall share of the world economy would increase from its current 35% – 43% between 2005 and 2020. The study further revealed that about 66% of those surveyed believe that knowledge workers in complex roles, requiring advanced communication and judgment skills will be their most valuable employees, and to groom such employees, as much as 38% of them would require training. To address these challenges of: increasing customer service experience; championing sales & distribution and increasing statutory and process compliance, Centum Learning has created a repository of learning & development solutions that could impact your business KPIs directly with its corporate training programs.