Our Strength

Experiential Learning:

We provide industry-oriented, professional skill development and integrated talent management. Domain and industry-specific certifications, tools and learning-by-doing activities (physical and online) delivered by practitioners form an integral part of every program.

Corporate Partner Network:

 Our world-class management teams have enriched collective industry experience. We have solid track records and are able to establish forward linkages with over 200 companies. These companies conduct drives to recruit our skilled and certified professionals round the year.

College Partner Network:

 We have strong backward linkages with colleges and universities that run our college training programs. As a result, we are able to present to our partner companies a wide range of skilled talent from our select partner colleges.

Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch Delivery:

 Our technology platform, Sylph Technologies Ltd. permits skill development to scale over a wide geographical area, while preserving quality. The platform is based on frugal engineering, suitable for rural and semi-urban access, while maintaining affordability and reliability.

Trainee Financing:

 To democratize access to skilling for all segments of the population and promote rural inclusion, Sylph Education Solutions Ltd. has partnered with specific training loan providers to introduce novel skill development loans and EMI programs. This provides financing for trainees pursuing skill development regardless of location and financial circumstances.